Support our Troops

Every other month Holy Trinity will collect goodies to be sent to a member of our US Armed Forces who has been deployed to the war front. On Sunday, March 18, the Support our Troops committee will be packing donated items to send to James Kayle Snyder, grandson of Kay Snyder, who has recently been deployed to Afghanistan. The committee, chaired by Marybeth Banks, is requesting items such as homemade cookies, brownies, cakes, candies as well as personal items such as suntan lotion, chap stick, white socks and interesting items such as puzzles, paperback books and squirt guns. Please bring enough so that our recipient can share with his fellow comrades. This is our way to let our young men and women who are fighting to protect our country know that we support them and are praying for their protection and safe return home. Please contact Marybeth Banks with any questions.