Reflecting on Events

Godly Play

Sunday, September 9, the children of Holy Trinity took over the sermon.  Along with their teacher, Viola Miller, they told the story of “The Flood and the Ark”.  With all the recent flooding that we’ve been having, the story of Noah’s Ark as told by (L-R) Levi Burleson,  Luke Estes-Hawkins, Sophee Booth, Charlie Miller, Tucker Burleson and Amelia Dunn couldn’t have been told at a more appropriate time!

Blessing of the Animals

Due to scattered rain storms throughout the day, the Georgetown Festival of the Horse committee cancelled all festival events for Sunday, September 9 including Blessing of the Animals.  Not knowing of the cancellation, there were several that braved the rain to bring their pets to the Parish Hall for a blessing from Mother Karen.  Although the day didn’t turn out as expected, it turned out to be a blessed day for those that came.

Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of the Animals

Bat Eviction

Our unwelcome squatters have been evicted!!  For many years, we have had “bats in the belfry”.   Chad Soard and Tim Stephan from Trifecta Wildlife Service have completed their repairs where the bats were entering and exiting the church.  After a thorough investigation, they found the most used entry/exit point at the rear of the church and saved that repair untill last.  They repaired and sealed any area that a bat could squeeze through with the exception of the main entry.  On Thursday, August 30, Chad and Tim invited everyone to come view the bat show that would take place that evening.  They had installed a one way exit with a net over the exit area. This allowed the bats to exit but unable to get back in the church.  As there were no other exit points available, all the bats channeled through this one area of exit.

Donna and Bryan Whorley, Lisa Estes-Cheatham and Ann Marie Stevens came at dusk to watch the bat show.  They were not disappointed!  Around 8:00 p.m. the bats started to roll out.  It was hard to count the bats but everyone estimated that there were 35-40 bats that flew out of the church.

Trifecta Wildlife Service waited until September 4 to come back and repair and seal the final exit point to ensure that all bats had left the building.  Their services are guaranteed for one year so we should see no evidence of bats.

Bat Rescue

During the repair and sealing of exit points in the church, the bats became disoriented as each day they had to find a new entry/exit point to leave the church at night.  One bat found its way to the Undercroft’s bathroom and fell into the commode and was unable to get out.  Donna Whorley in her role as Office Administrator wears many hats and in this case, she became the bat rescuer.  Armed with gloves and a dust pan, she was able to get the bat out and lay him under a tree to dry out for a couple of hours.  The bat flew off to find a new neighborhood home as his entry to the church was no longer available.

Women’s Bible Study

The bible study group will start a new bible study on “The Really Bad Girls of the Bible” by Liz Curtis Higgs on Thursday, September 13 at 10:00 a.m.  The first assignment is to read the first chapter of the book.  All ladies are invited to attend.