Projects Updates

Things are hopping around the parish!

Painting of the lower level of the Parish Hall is almost complete.  The paint selection is a nice, cool, light gray color called Icicle. The L-shaped area, entry and hall way have all been painted along with all the baseboards.  The volunteers have worked many long hours but the results are so well worth it.  A special thank you goes to Nancy Leonard, Nancy Anderson, John Worsham, Bob and Karen Booth, Donna and Bryan Whorley, Dan Lemon, Jack Morris, Barbara Smith and Kay Snyder.

Bat Eviction – As most everyone knows, Holy Trinity has had   unwelcome guests for the past several years in the church.  As the old saying goes, we have had “bats in the belfry”.  That’s about to change.  Chad Soard and Tim Stephan from Trifecta Wildlife Service have repaired the areas where the bats enter and exit the church.  After all the repairs were done, Trifecta evicted the bats in a humane way and relocates them to another area.  The next step will be to have the church throughly cleaned.

Parish Wall Repair – Somewhere around the end of July, a piece of the Trinity Circles fell of the center wall in the Parish Hall and shattered into many pieces. Upon further investigation of this incident, the Building and Grounds Committee found a suspect area that may have water damage causing the wall to bow.  This area will be evaluated by Mark Pennington, a licensed contractor from Pennington Renovations.  He will remove the siding and inspect the windows/flashing/sheathing for any water leaks.   Meanwhile, Gordon Saager, who is the artist and potter who created the circles and and the cross on the other wall has  recreated the broken piece. He and his brother Don Saager removed the remaining pieces to protect them until the wall is stable again.

Updating the Parish Registry and Memorial Records  – Carol Adams has taken on the huge role of updating the Parish Registry and the Memorial Records of Holy Trinity.  Entries in the Remembrance Book go back to 1959 but memorials are recorded as far back as 1946.  Carol is making a list of all memorials from the first recorded date to present so it can be entered by Donna on a computerized list.  After completion, Carol will start on updating the Parish Registry.  Carol has been volunteering her time several days per week for over a month.  She finds the experience very interesting and rewarding.   The office staff is very appreciative of her efforts!