Opportunities to raise funds for Holy Trinity

Community Rewards Program of Kroger
We have noticed a decline in our support program through Kroger. We only have 23 households that have designated Holy Trinity to receive donations through shopping at Kroger. Please visit the Kroger website at www.krogercommunityrewards.com to insure that you are signed up or follow the instructions to sign up for Holy Trinity to benefit the rewards. It is no additional cost to you. The more you shop at Kroger however, the more benefits Holy Trinity will earn. If you need help signing up, please contact Donna at the Parish Office for assistance. Our church number is 10790.

Sundays at Josie’s
Josie’s has a special offer for Holy Trinity and surrounding churches. On Sundays they will be giving out tokens to everyone that attends church and eats at Josie’s. The tokens are worth $1.00 each. When the tokens are placed in the offering plate at Holy Trinity or brought to the parish office, we will continue to collect them until we have 10 – 500. We will then return them to Josie’s and they will write Holy Trinity a check for the total number of tokens that we return. This program will begin this Sunday, February 4. This program benefits both Josie’s and the churches. Please let your server know that you attend church and would like your token! We already have $1.00. This program is on Sundays only! If you have any questions, please contact the parish office. Front and back of token pictured below.