News and Views with Mother Karen

Dear Holy Trinity,

Happy Easter! What a beautiful Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday we had. The music was amazing and the church and grounds looked beautiful. It was amazing! Thank you, thank you to the many hands and voices that it takes to create a space for such wonderful worship services.

If you see Donna Whorley in the office, Nancy Anderson and the Altar Guild team, Joyce Crofts and the choir, Laura Schu with her flowers, or any of the servers, readers, or ushers who served at multiple services during Holy Week and Easter – please take a minute to give them an extra thank you for the many gifts that they give to the glory of God in this parish.

Easter has not ended; we still have 32 more days to go in this season. 32 more days to rejoice and say, “Alleluia. Christ is Risen!” in our services. Easter ends with Pentecost Sunday (May 20th this year) and what a celebration that will be. The Sunday of Pentecost will be Youth Sunday this year and plans are being made to bring the important voices of the youth into the service. You have taught them and encouraged them in their faith, and now you can support them as they lead the worship service as readers, ushers, acolytes, chalice bearers, and even the preacher. It will be a wonderful, holy morning and then we will celebrate afterwards with lunch in the Parish Hall.

Blessings to you this Easter season,