News and Views from Mother Karen

Dear Holy Trinity,

We had such a nice vestry retreat at Boone Tavern in Berea this past weekend. It was time for fellowship, learning, working, and spoonbread! All of the vestry members were there as well as Donna Whorley (office administrator), Linc Hartling (deacon), and Harold Craven (treasurer).

One of the things that we did in our time together was think about our assets- those things that each of us has that are our gifts or talents or treasures. And we thought about the church in the same way: what are the church’s assets? This is a way of thinking that encourages looking at ourselves and the church and seeing what is good and vibrant. It’s a way of looking at our cups half-full.

The vestry listed many of the church’s assets and you can see the results on the Parish Hall wall where there are half sheets of paper with assets written on them. When you look at the wall you will see this written:

History, Episcopal Liturgy, No Debt, Parish Hall, Artists, Great People, Blessing of the Animals, Beautiful Old Church, Volunteer Energy, Welcoming Congregation, Music, Outreach, etc. – the list goes on!

We have an abundance of assets here at Holy Trinity. So, what do we do with this abundance? What is God calling us to do with this abundance? What is God’s dream for Holy Trinity? Those are questions that we will be exploring over the next few months. There are some exciting plans in the works so watch newsletter for updates.

Yours in Christ,