Collection for the Troops

We will be packing boxes for our soldier in Afghanistan on Sunday, September 16 after the service. Please bring:  Pringles, Wild-berry Skittles, Cheese Its, beef jerky, cashew nuts, hot Cheetos, Starburst candies, Cheese Puffs, protein bars, MIO (flavoring for water), cookies and brownies.  Personal items are also needed such as suntan lotion, chap stick, white socks and fun items such as puzzles and paperback books.

Blessings in a Backpack

The first food pick-up for the 2018-2019 school year for the Blessings in a Backpack program was Monday, August 27.  Holy Trinity will be providing nutritious, easy-to-prepare foods to be sent home to 60 children at Western Elementary to ensure each child has something to eat until they return to school for breakfast on Monday morning.  If you would like to volunteer to pick-up, pack or deliver, please contact Lisa Estes-Cheatham or contact Donna at the church office.  Your help would be appreciated.

Serving at the Altar

At each service we would like to have three acolytes to carry the torches and cross and one Lay Eucharistic Minister who assists with the wine. That is 12 to 15 persons per month and more if we have 5 weeks or special services. We currently have 16 people who can serve in these roles, but they are not all available every week. Lay Eucharistic Ministers must be confirmed members and will be licensed by the Bishop. Acolytes were traditionally young people but most of ours are adults. Please consider being trained for one of these roles. Speak to Nancy Leonard, Donna Whorley or Mother Karen if you are interested.

Altar Flowers

There are several dates in October, November and December that do not have anyone donating flowers for the altar. The tax-deductible cost in $60. Please sign up on the list posted in the Narthex.


The Gathering Place Mission House

The Gathering Place Mission House has the following needs.  Prayer, volunteers, non-perishable food items, disposable tableware, cleaning supplies, personal care and laundry items and financial support.

Scott County Habitat for  Humanity Restore  

Habitat Restore is in immediate need of our TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS!  The resale of your gently used items helps Habitat build safe affordable housing for those in need.  They accept furniture, appliances, building materials, household items, signs and decorations, counter tops, cabinets.  They also accept books, movies, dishes, glassware, pictures, lamps and almost anything except clothing and shoes.  They offer free pickup for items too large to drop off. They are located at 122 Frazier Court in Georgetown.  Phone # 502-863-9200,  Tuesday through Saturday.  Closed on Sunday and Monday.