A Message from the Senior Warden

October 16, 2017


Dear fellow parishioners,

Today, in the Episcopal calendar, is the honoring of Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch.   One of the first in a long line of martyrs, he is most remembered for his 7 letters written by him and spoken by him on various stops as he was transported to Rome for his execution.  Ignatius was so early in the Christian movement (born in 50 A.D.) that it is widely considered that the actual Apostles were those who consecrated him to be a priest and later appointed Bishop by St. Peter.   He is assumed to be the first person to use the term ‘Catholic Church’, meaning ‘Universal Church’, to his followers.  The first mention of the Roman Coliseum is used in writings referring to his execution by ‘wild beasts’.

Pumpkin carving of the highest degree will be created on Sunday with the youth group led by our own artist-in-residence, Gus Bynum.  This should be extremely interesting and informative.  I hope some of our adult parishioners will take part in this activity also.  A great way to keep young at heart.

Our office administrator is on vacation this week which means the bulletins were done a week in advance.  If any other announcements need to be made on Sunday, please stand up to let the congregation know what they may be.

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, The Rev. Karen Booth has accepted our call to be Our Priest-in-Charge for the next 3 years.  Mthr. Karen is a graduate of The School of Theology, Sewanee, Tn.  Before then, she was a Hospice Chaplain with Bluegrass Hospice.  After receiving her Master of Divinity from Sewanee, she migrated to Jacksonville to become the Assoc. Rector at San Jose Episcopal Church and Day School.  Her pastoral care was continued in this setting by her own activities in this regard and by training lay people in the basic aspects of this ministry for them to go out and do this important outreach.

Her experience reached new heights when, in March, 2014, she became the Interim Assoc. Rector at The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour in Jacksonville which eventually led to her becoming the Priest-in-Charge for this congregation.  This new position expanded her responsibilities to include all aspects of the church, from pastoral care to stewardship to increasing the knowledge and body of work in Christ within her church and beyond.

From March 2016 to May 2016, Mthr. Karen worked as a facilitator to connect churches and agencies to programs that a group named Fresh Ministries/Be The Change International was involved.   Their programs reached out to youth by providing education, to motivate entrepreneurship and to learn about aquaculture food production.

Moving back home last summer, Mthr. Karen took the position of Interim Rector at St. Raphael Episcopal Church in Lexington.  Now seems to be the perfect time for our coming together as Priest and Parish. The stability to move forward in one voice together gives a great promise for the future of our church family.  I know that we as a church and Mthr. Karen as our Priest can now look forward to our next three years as one entity doing God’s work for the greater good.  We can all offer up prayers of thanksgiving as we begin our journey together.

Peace to all,

John Worsham – Sr. Warden

A Message from the Senior Warden

September 14, 2017

Dear fellow parishioners,

Today the church calendar celebrates Holy Cross Day, a major feast day in the church. The collect for this day recalls that Christ ” was lifted high upon the cross that he might draw the whole world unto himself” and prays that “we, who glory in the mystery of our redemption, may have grace to take up our cross and follow him”.   The theme of this day is expressed in the wonderful hymn “Lift High the Cross”.

A couple of parishioners are in need of your prayers. Al Lutz and Brenda Moore both had bad falls during this past week. Al is at a rehab center in Lexington and Brenda is at UK hospital. More about their situation will be given on Sunday during announcements.

Summer is over and the church is going full speed to do the things that churches do. Our Sunday school and youth group are in full swing. I cannot emphasize enough that these programs only work if young people show up to take advantage of them. Please, please try to commit to a regular attendance of these important programs. Good money has been spent and good time is being invested by those who have answered to call to lead our young people.

The choir is now meeting every week. The commitment of this group is to be noted. In addition to regular rehearsals, special rehearsing is done at special times of the year. ECW is going strong. Altar guild and flowers keep showing up strong. It is the people of this church which make the church a functional and spiritual gathering place which we share with ourselves and others.

Attendance naturally goes down during the summer. I have missed the 3 Sundays in a row before last week. It is very important to keep our pledges up, to make up for what was lost during the summer so that we can meet our goal of the budget. Please help the church to meet its obligation for this year.

Another very important reason to meet our pledge goal is the fact that the nominating committee has issued a call to a candidate to be our next priest. The candidate is going through their discernment process of accepting the call from our parish. I fully understand that there has been some frustration about the lack of communication about this process. However, the privacy of these candidates had to be maintained, especially if any candidates were already at another church.   Please keep the church in your prayers as we may be coming close to making a very important decision which can impact this place for years to come.

As I have noted before, it has been an honor to serve as your Senior Warden. To have the members of the parish be involved in all aspects of maintaining church activities has been extremely gratifying. Now, as we roll into the fall, I hope we can continue that momentum in making this church a place of which we can all be proud.

Peace to all,

John Worsham

Sr. Warden

Sept 10 is a big day!

The church school year begins on Sept. 10 with an Open House and Ice cream social from 11:15 to noon in our Parish Hall. Come find out about Godly Play and Youth Group for this year. Thanks to all who have volunteered to help with these programs this year.

You just have time to go grab a quick lunch before we open our doors to the Blessing of the Animals at 1:15. All animals are welcome.  We will provide cookies and lemonade to the pet parents and treats for the pets.

Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse on August 21 will be seen for the longest time period in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Grace Episcopal Church there has offered a good place to view the eclipse. The cost will be $30 per adult, $15 per child and includes parking, lunch, cooling space, restrooms and water. Space is limited as they can only accommodate 75 cars. Email at gracechurchhopkinsville@gmail.com or call 270-885-8757 to reserve a spot. Don’t forget your eclipse glasses and remember traffic is likely to be heavy.

Join us for the annual Parish Picnic!

The church picnic will be held at the covered pavilion at Victoria Estates on Sunday, August 13 beginning at 1:30 P.M.   Chicken, BBQ and drinks will be provided.  Please bring a side dish and/or a dessert to share.  There will be kayaking, corn hole and bocce ball.  For those that would like to play basketball, there is a basketball goal at the picnic area but you will need to bring your own basketball.  Bringing a chair is suggested as the only seating is the picnic benches under the pavilion.  Bug spray is also suggested as there are grassy areas.  We look forward to a good turnout and a fun-filled afternoon!

Click on the link to see a map. The road is longer but better paved if you take the left fork of Victoria Way rather than the right as you enter the subdivision.


A Message from our Senior Warden

August 8, 2017

Today on the church calendar, the church recognizes Friar Dominic, (St. Dominic). Born in Spain in 1170, He entered the priesthood and served at the cathedral of Osma. His life-changing moments came from accompanying his bishop on a visit to southern France to converse with a sect of people called the Albigenses. This group had two gods, one good who represented light, truth and goodness and one bad who represented darkness, error and materialism. Although keeping true to his core beliefs, Dominic didn’t lose thought of the material ways of the world. When he wanted to start his order (the Dominicans), he had his postulates give up all possessions and live in the poverty as that of the people his order was trying to convert. Two of his best known followers were Albert the Great, known for his vast knowledge of subjects in the world and Thomas Aquinas who tried to reconcile Christian philosophy with that of the rebirth of Aristotle’s writing being rediscovered in Europe at that time. Dominic’s credo of “logic and persuasion, not force” was largely cast aside by many of its members in the following centuries as the Order of Dominic was an active group in the Spanish Inquisition.

I look forward to a good turnout for annual Parish Picnic this Sunday at 1:30. The pavilion on the lake will be our residence for the afternoon. Victorian Estates is roughly a mile past Longview golf course on U.S.460 going towards Frankfort. Kayaks, bocce ball and corn hole games will be available. Please try to attend and participate in the goodwill of the day. Drinks and BBQ (pork and chicken) will be provided. A side dish would be appreciated (let’s not forget a dessert). Here is hoping to see you there.

A big thank you is in order to those who volunteered to help with our Godly Play Sunday school. This is just one example of the lay people of the church being involved in activities important to the church. As a search for our new priest winds down, it is even more important for the members of the parish to be involved in as many activities as possible to keep our energy at the same level we have had for the last year or so. This is the new normal for churches of our size. The priests cannot do it all. It takes help from all of us to make it work. The church is just a building. It is the members inside which help to make it a special place for all.

Please keep the nominating committee in your prayers as they enter their most important week yet of their work on the parish’s behalf.

My heartfelt thanks for all this parish does.
John Worsham
Senior Warden

A Message from our Senior Warden

July 13, 2017

I would like for us to take a little time to reflect on our good fortune we have as being members of this church. On Sunday past, we had a very informative and heartfelt presentation by Ben Bynum and his wife, Mary, on their work in Rawanda, Africa. They have different jobs, employed by different people, but have a common goal of improving the conditions of these folks who have lived through violence yet have endured to try to live in peace now with one another. What was supposed to have been a 20 minute presentation carried on twice that because of the interest they generated to the parishioners who attended coffee hour to hear them speak. My personal thanks go out to Ben and Mary for making last Sunday even more special to us.

Another example of our good fortune has been the quality of preaching we have been able to assemble through this transition period. This facet of our church life continues in spades as the Rt. Rev. Larry Maze, retired Bishop of Arkansas, has been with us for the last two weeks. His sermons have been riveting, poignant, and current to today’s living. When you hear him speak, a person understands why some people are bishops and others are not. He will be here for the next three weeks so I hope our church family will take full advantage of this opportunity to hear this fine orator. He has been very complimentary of our house of worship and I hope we can reciprocate by showing up in full force to hear his narrative on the readings. Fr. Ron Summers will fill out our summer by being here for the month of August.

The Undercroft cleanup day for this coming Saturday has been cancelled. The main reason for this was the disparity between the cost of the garbage container and its size for what our actual needs were in relation to the amount of refuse to be thrown away. The Vestry always takes into consideration the value given in regard to the expense outlayed and in this case it was decided to explore other more viable ways to reach the goal of cleaning out the Undercroft. My sincere thank you to those of you who were prepared to help in the endeavor. We will simply reschedule in the future once the Vestry feels comfortable with the improved plan.

What has not been cancelled is the parish picnic for August 13. It will be held at the pavilion in Victoria Estates, same as last year. Kayaking, corn hole and good food will be the order of the day. It really was a fun time last year and I hope to see you all out there this year also. Thank you, Mary Beth Banks, for offering us the opportunity to be there again.

Your transition committee has been given names to consider for our new priest. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they begin this important work.

Peace to all of you is my wish as we continue our summer.
John Worsham Sr. Warden

Sadness in our Parish

Rusty Miller, husband of Viola Miller, passed away at their home on June 21. His funeral will be in his former parish in Nashville, Tennessee. Viola is grateful for the support of Holy Trinity during her husband’s illness. Condolences may be sent to her home.

Please keep Viola and her family in your prayers.

Rest eternal grant to him, O Lord;
And let light perpetual shine upon him.
May his soul, and the souls of all the departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

A Message from the Senior Warden

June 15, 2017

Evelyn Underhill is celebrated today on the church calendar. She was born in 1875, died in 1941. A former agnostic, she eventually became very involved in the Anglo-Catholic theology and was a prolific writer, most noted for her 1911 book on Christian Mysticism. With that being way over my head, feel free to google her for more information. At least she wasn’t martyred which is a good thing.

On June 18, we start our summer schedule. The psalm will be spoken, not sung, and there will be a simpler form of service music. The choir will not be rehearsing after church. Just a more simple schedule for people to follow.

With that being said, the church will be very active this summer. On June 23, a religion class from Georgetown College will be at the church to learn more about the constructs of the Episcopal faith with Fr. Ron Summers leading the discussion. On July 9, a Sunday, Ben Bynum will be giving an overview of his work in Africa along with his wife, Mary. This should be fascinating and I truly hope for a big turnout for that day. The Parish Hall, after church, is where this will be held. Saturday, July 15 will be a day for cleaning out the undercroft with a container box being outside the door to be picked up by a garbage contractor. A cookout will be held afterwards for those who participate. More on this later. The youth group will use their pancake proceeds to go to a Legends ballgame on July 29. Check your church bulletin with more on this later. The church picnic is unofficially scheduled for Sunday, August 13. Stay tuned for details.

The point is that the church is still very much open this summer, especially on Sundays. Please keep your house of worship in your prayers and in your attendance throughout the summer. We have come this far in a good way and I hope we can keep the momentum going. The transition (search) committee will begin their work in 2 to 3 weeks with interviewing of potential prospects beginning very soon.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe summer, I remain
John Worsham Sr. Warden

Sadness in our Parish

Dixie Lockett Neel, the mother of our organist Joyce Neel Crofts, passed away on Sunday May 28.  She was 101 years into this life before her passing.

Her calling was homemaking and child raising, and she did that with complete commitment.  As Joyce’s brother said, “She made Martha Stewart look like a slob.”  Joyce’s parents were married 77 years, still holding hands at the end.

Visitation will be at 10:30 A.M. on Thursday, June 1 with her Service of Burial being performed at 11:30 by Fr. Ron Summers in Versailles at Blackburn and Ward Funeral Home, 161 Broadway.

Interment immediately afterward in Versailles Cemetery on S. Main St.

Please keep Joyce and her family in your prayers.


Rest eternal grant to her, O Lord;

And let light perpetual shine upon her.

May her soul, and the souls of all the departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.