A Message from the Senior Warden

June 15, 2017

Evelyn Underhill is celebrated today on the church calendar. She was born in 1875, died in 1941. A former agnostic, she eventually became very involved in the Anglo-Catholic theology and was a prolific writer, most noted for her 1911 book on Christian Mysticism. With that being way over my head, feel free to google her for more information. At least she wasn’t martyred which is a good thing.

On June 18, we start our summer schedule. The psalm will be spoken, not sung, and there will be a simpler form of service music. The choir will not be rehearsing after church. Just a more simple schedule for people to follow.

With that being said, the church will be very active this summer. On June 23, a religion class from Georgetown College will be at the church to learn more about the constructs of the Episcopal faith with Fr. Ron Summers leading the discussion. On July 9, a Sunday, Ben Bynum will be giving an overview of his work in Africa along with his wife, Mary. This should be fascinating and I truly hope for a big turnout for that day. The Parish Hall, after church, is where this will be held. Saturday, July 15 will be a day for cleaning out the undercroft with a container box being outside the door to be picked up by a garbage contractor. A cookout will be held afterwards for those who participate. More on this later. The youth group will use their pancake proceeds to go to a Legends ballgame on July 29. Check your church bulletin with more on this later. The church picnic is unofficially scheduled for Sunday, August 13. Stay tuned for details.

The point is that the church is still very much open this summer, especially on Sundays. Please keep your house of worship in your prayers and in your attendance throughout the summer. We have come this far in a good way and I hope we can keep the momentum going. The transition (search) committee will begin their work in 2 to 3 weeks with interviewing of potential prospects beginning very soon.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe summer, I remain
John Worsham Sr. Warden