A Message from our Senior Warden

August 8, 2017

Today on the church calendar, the church recognizes Friar Dominic, (St. Dominic). Born in Spain in 1170, He entered the priesthood and served at the cathedral of Osma. His life-changing moments came from accompanying his bishop on a visit to southern France to converse with a sect of people called the Albigenses. This group had two gods, one good who represented light, truth and goodness and one bad who represented darkness, error and materialism. Although keeping true to his core beliefs, Dominic didn’t lose thought of the material ways of the world. When he wanted to start his order (the Dominicans), he had his postulates give up all possessions and live in the poverty as that of the people his order was trying to convert. Two of his best known followers were Albert the Great, known for his vast knowledge of subjects in the world and Thomas Aquinas who tried to reconcile Christian philosophy with that of the rebirth of Aristotle’s writing being rediscovered in Europe at that time. Dominic’s credo of “logic and persuasion, not force” was largely cast aside by many of its members in the following centuries as the Order of Dominic was an active group in the Spanish Inquisition.

I look forward to a good turnout for annual Parish Picnic this Sunday at 1:30. The pavilion on the lake will be our residence for the afternoon. Victorian Estates is roughly a mile past Longview golf course on U.S.460 going towards Frankfort. Kayaks, bocce ball and corn hole games will be available. Please try to attend and participate in the goodwill of the day. Drinks and BBQ (pork and chicken) will be provided. A side dish would be appreciated (let’s not forget a dessert). Here is hoping to see you there.

A big thank you is in order to those who volunteered to help with our Godly Play Sunday school. This is just one example of the lay people of the church being involved in activities important to the church. As a search for our new priest winds down, it is even more important for the members of the parish to be involved in as many activities as possible to keep our energy at the same level we have had for the last year or so. This is the new normal for churches of our size. The priests cannot do it all. It takes help from all of us to make it work. The church is just a building. It is the members inside which help to make it a special place for all.

Please keep the nominating committee in your prayers as they enter their most important week yet of their work on the parish’s behalf.

My heartfelt thanks for all this parish does.
John Worsham
Senior Warden