A Message from our Senior Warden

July 13, 2017

I would like for us to take a little time to reflect on our good fortune we have as being members of this church. On Sunday past, we had a very informative and heartfelt presentation by Ben Bynum and his wife, Mary, on their work in Rawanda, Africa. They have different jobs, employed by different people, but have a common goal of improving the conditions of these folks who have lived through violence yet have endured to try to live in peace now with one another. What was supposed to have been a 20 minute presentation carried on twice that because of the interest they generated to the parishioners who attended coffee hour to hear them speak. My personal thanks go out to Ben and Mary for making last Sunday even more special to us.

Another example of our good fortune has been the quality of preaching we have been able to assemble through this transition period. This facet of our church life continues in spades as the Rt. Rev. Larry Maze, retired Bishop of Arkansas, has been with us for the last two weeks. His sermons have been riveting, poignant, and current to today’s living. When you hear him speak, a person understands why some people are bishops and others are not. He will be here for the next three weeks so I hope our church family will take full advantage of this opportunity to hear this fine orator. He has been very complimentary of our house of worship and I hope we can reciprocate by showing up in full force to hear his narrative on the readings. Fr. Ron Summers will fill out our summer by being here for the month of August.

The Undercroft cleanup day for this coming Saturday has been cancelled. The main reason for this was the disparity between the cost of the garbage container and its size for what our actual needs were in relation to the amount of refuse to be thrown away. The Vestry always takes into consideration the value given in regard to the expense outlayed and in this case it was decided to explore other more viable ways to reach the goal of cleaning out the Undercroft. My sincere thank you to those of you who were prepared to help in the endeavor. We will simply reschedule in the future once the Vestry feels comfortable with the improved plan.

What has not been cancelled is the parish picnic for August 13. It will be held at the pavilion in Victoria Estates, same as last year. Kayaking, corn hole and good food will be the order of the day. It really was a fun time last year and I hope to see you all out there this year also. Thank you, Mary Beth Banks, for offering us the opportunity to be there again.

Your transition committee has been given names to consider for our new priest. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they begin this important work.

Peace to all of you is my wish as we continue our summer.
John Worsham Sr. Warden