150th Anniversary Planning Committee

On September 22nd, the 150th Anniversary Planning Team met to discuss next year’s big events. It was a lively discussion with great ideas for celebrating this milestone. Actually, there were so many different good ideas that it was decided that the group should split into five areas of focus. This would allow the five groups to meet independently and plan their special events.

The five groups are:

HISTORY- This team wants to plan events that show the church’s history such as an open house in a history tour. They would like to plan a worship service from the past, and they would like to collect church memorabilia, documents, and its oral history.

FELLOWSHIP- This team wants to plan social and outreach events for church members, possibly things such as a pool party, a bonfire, game night, parade and festival entries, work with Glean Kentucky and the Elkhorn Cleanup Day.

HOMECOMING- This team will plan a “Homecoming” event where we would invite people who have previously been members to come home for a visit. This event would likely happen in the fall. We would likely have a tent, music, food, etc. It’s similar to a family reunion.

MUSIC IN THE CHURCH- This team wants to plan special musical events in the church, inviting people from outside the church to experience of playing and listening to music in this holy space.

HOSPITALITY- This team would help to plan the food, drinks, decorations, supplies, etc. that are necessary for the events that other groups would like to have.

If you would like to join any of these planning groups, please sign up in the Parish Hall, or email the office and we will add your name. We are looking forward to an exciting new year of celebration!